Best way to show winners of dungeon crawler style game?

I have a game where students “take control” of a spaceship.

What is the best way to have the game know who “took control” of the final command table?

I think that it would be something using properties, or putting an item into the winning team’s inventory at the end. I’d just like the end game screen to say who won, without actually saying the score.

Currently, I think you have to show the score. Using an End Game Widget, I think you can show who won, though.

If you’re using properties, you can have a button near the final command table that leads to a trigger that uses the Trigger Player block to update a property or something like that (sorry for the extra-long sentence). For more help on this, look at Haiasi’s post below.

If you’re using an item, you can use a checker that updates a property.


Button Pressed > Grant Item (choose any item you won’t use in the game)

By the way, make sure the score in the map options is amount of specific item and the item is what you put in the Item Granter.

(Button) Button Pressed > (Notification) Run Wire Pulse Block


Send Notification 
                            Title: “Triggering Player’s Name”
Content: Has taken control of the spaceship!

I don’t know, I haven’t played with it much. I’ll take a look.

Okay nevermind it doesn’t I checked

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Yeah, the problem with this is that End of Game Widgets only allows two types: Game Time and Statistic. I guess you’ll have to make do with showing everyone’s score, the player with 1 instead of 0 winning (or something like that).


Thanks guys. I’m going to try these out in the morning. I’ll mark a solution when I get it to work.


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