Behold the power of the art category

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But its off topic lol

Yo, there is finally an art category?!?!?!?!


i have been the first one to find it. BOW DOWN TO ME NOW!

Actually, there was 1 that beat you.

aw man, i cant make a topic here for some reason :frowning:

no, I was.
ain’t no one bowing down to a wonton.

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I cant make a topic for some reason.

Is this my punishment for siding with the anti-art people, or is it just a bug?



After almost a year, it’s finally here!


its weird. you need to go into categorys → all categorys.

Oop, I can post now. Nice. This is insane.

I’m the second thumbnail request on art category. bow down to me now, as I set a trend in this community.

What trend?

Omg, they actually did it!? I never thought I would see the day…

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Me too… especially since ClicClac requested it so so long ago. And apparently Jeffo told Kyro “No art” after he made an art post too, so I wasn’t really expecting an actual art category.

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I guess all the complaints about thumbnails posts finally pushed them over the edge. It’s kind of funny though; we finally got what the community was asking for in August, but for a completely different reason than why we wanted it back then.


Back Then: Art Guides are starting to become annoying and we want to be creative!

Now: There was an entire war about thumbnails and no thumbnails with many, many, topics involved, and now there shall finally be an end.


wow, and art category! I’m suprised this didn’t come earlier!

Yeah, I guess the difference is community attitude. When it was for art guides the community wanted an art category to separate random art from guides, but most guides are found by searching, whereas help it’s creating a mess where people can’t get into contact with people to help them.

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