Bedwars Item Selection and Upgrades Progression

I’m making a bedwars game, and I need a few things:

  1. Items for iron, gold, diamonds, and emeralds. Wingwave got this one down.
  2. Upgrades for the generator (mostly balancing)
  3. Upgrades for bed/fortress protection

I also need EFFICIENT methods for these. I have 8 fortresses/teams.

I’ll credit you for your ideas.


What’s your memory usage at right now?

You can always use different-colored seeds.

  • Black seed - Iron
  • Gold seed - Gold
  • Blue or Teal Seed - Diamonds
  • Green or Dark Green Seed - Emeralds

for the 3rd one put props around the bed that you can damage to break

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I just want to save as much memory as possible. I can do that bit. I just need feasible ideas and maybe nice implementations.

seeds and shard would work well

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I already had that. I want some unique upgrades. I’m aiming to make a bedwars game that actually has some quality.

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  1. alert the protecting team when someone enters your base
  2. breakable props
  3. sentries
  4. landmines
  5. lasers
  6. stun trap
  7. teleport defending team when an enemy approaches

All pretty good suggestions!

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You could make activatible sentries, lasers, and upgradeable weapons. Use activatable item spawners for the generators. You could make them give more items or less time in between spawns.

crafting tableeeeeeeeeeee!!!
My new fav device, just maybe make it when item have, make it transmit channel with checkers, and take it away after. for the bed upgrade, btw.

Upgrade that gives defending team regen and slight damage boost (like 1.25x-1.5x) when in their base.


Nice ideas! And @here I’ll credit you for your ideas if I use them.


silver seed could be iron…

Black is good. I don’t want to make the iron look like it’s special.

Are you trying to make roblox or minecraft bedwars? THey’re very similar but robloc bedwars has way more things like kits and items that you can throw on people and make them stuck and a bunch of other stuff

I’m not trying to recreate a game byte by byte. I just want my own, unique version of it, that has just the beds and the generator.

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You made f1 racing right maybe you can add that to your map

ok. well for upgrading the generator you have to add on to the generating guide

umm. do you know what bedwars is? It has nothing to do with racing

Nice idea, but having the overlays or click to brake would just be a hassle to play with.