BedWars in Gimkit

I made Bedwars and am wondering if anyone wants to check it out to see if I should improve anything.


i will check it out send me the link

While I am unable to directly participate in your Gimkit game, I can still provide a rating based on screenshots and evaluate its design elements. Unfortunately, sharing links is not permitted within this context as it goes against the established rules. However, I would be more than happy to offer feedback and provide a rating based on the information and visuals you can provide without sharing direct links. Please feel free to share relevant screenshots or describe the game, and I’ll do my best to assess it accordingly.

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thank u very much gimai

Can I come j0in too?

can i play too :bed: also im typing this because i need to have at least 20 characters to post

same🛌🏻wars is a yes(these are words bruh)

i want to play but the ai bot wont let me uuuuuhhhhhhhhh

cant you just paste the link?

share it on here
they let u share codes on here
your welcome :3

like with the chain thingy like this

yeah you cant post codes its against the rules

or that yea so yea um yea

thats why i sent that link to the wixsite
your allowed to send codes there

can u send me link plz


click the one that says code sharing

Posting links isn’t allowed on this forum, but you can use the official Discord page if you’d like to get feedback from other people. Alternatively, you might want to find people (like friends or family) to play the game in person with you - while interaction online can be helpful, it’s often more difficult to gather accurate feedback through only text-formatted messages.

There are other unofficial links that can be used to share links, of course, but those aren’t moderated by the Gimkit team - often they have little or no moderation at all, so use them carefully!


oh ty i apprecite it