Because I'm bored and I'm new to the forum

Is there a map known for having the most plays? I know escape the lava has almost a million, but is there a map with more plays then that? Just curious…

I know one that has 5 million but I forgot the name
Off topic tho

Yes, this is all covered in the gimkit awards or some of it. However this is off-topic and even if you’re new to the forums you should know this. It specifically says that in the blue banner uptop when you j0in.

Oh and welcome to the forums

There’s a hide and seek map with 1,5 million plays.
Although, this is pretty off-topic, so you should mark a solution.

Umm the one that takes 30 minutes too explore?

Wait what actually? That’s way more than Clicclac’s game I think, dang.

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