Beach game ideas

I am making a beach themed game but I have know idea of what kinda of game to make with this theme.

you could make a vollyball game or soccer beach


you could also make a sand castle game where you run out to an area use energey to get sand, go back to your plot spend the sand and build the largest castle to win


OOOOHHH that sound awesome

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so is there usally now no one on? it used to be a lot more active here, i guess that thumbnail war didnt help

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Nah, I’m still here.

Don’t feel like being on today, I’m really tired.

but definitely add that you can be attacked by a shark lol

beach game idea? Since it’s summer, maybe an ocean game? You have to explore the ocean, and maybe it can have a storyline or be a story game. An open world story game.


Can you explain this a little more it sounds like a very cool idea!

Maybe do a sea shell search? You could have a searching system (like a random integer test to see if you get it) and if you find one you get some sort of reward. Maybe the more you play the easier it is to find them, so it updates some sort of ‘xp’ property so that you get better at it.

I’m still here


Ok Ok that’s sounds fun but kinda hard at the same time!

It’s not that hard. Just have some block code that sets a variable to a ‘random integer between 1 and 10’. Next, multiply it by the ‘xp’ property. Then just see if it is greater than, say, 8, and if it is, give them a shell. Of course, the xp property might increase a little bit, say 0.01 each time.

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well theres 2 spots, and both teams are on either side, they will run out and get sand from a spot (an item) and they will build a piece of the sand castel (its predetermined build) and they will use energy to get the sand (it should be near the water to get the sand) and they will answer questions to get energy

(im getting a picture sketch of it hold on)


the points will be earned based on how much it is built, and they can not go to the otherside, so maybe make a river in the center with the bridge barricaded


how would you make people have more points based on the sand castle’s height?

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its not based on height, its based on how much is built

theres 4 towers, 4 walls, 1 gate, 1 castle, and how much is built will be determinded in points which is the win condtion, the points should go up every time something is built, idk how to make a system don’t ask


So like they have to make a sandcastle thats all ready built.

I really like this idea

well no, you will build it in creative and it will be hidden when game starts and they will buy it and act like its being built, so its not them placing blocks, like buying a wall in ctf