Battle royale map ideas

alright, so im making a battle royale (generic, i know, but im demotivated with my other stuff and i think its fun)) and i need some map ideas. preferably with lots of props i can use to make them.

is it just gonna be a Fortnite copy or just your own?

first question.

Grass biome:
Grass Terrain
Green Bushes
Snow Biome:
Snowy trees
ice barriers
Hay Stack
Dried Bushes
Dired Trees

oh my own, im trying to make it unique


u dont have to list the props though, i just mean like maps that have lots of props to use

makes it easier though sonthanks sjjajsjak

Maybe be able to make traps, and your own base.

Base it off of RUST. It will be unique then. It will be more survival based but you can make it one life only. You can build a base that can be destroyed, traps, and craft your own weapons.

Also hunger and system is important, hiding, and maybe make food items. If you eat a rotten item, you have a chance to get a sickness which can lower damage and speed.

If you don’t know what rust is look it up, it’s a cool game with a good idea.

Oh np happy to help