Basic Quest Guide (difficulty ?)

Still the same…

Weird, I see it just fine, maybe you try and make one a see if its a you error or a forum error.

The poll didn’t work for me still.

I see it on my end, strange.

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hmm… @getrithekd can you remove yours please? Ppl might get confused… Tell me ur vote and i’ll enter it

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I don’t want to vote.

ok then that works :slight_smile:

Nice! This could be a valuable asset for this
pay respects to Mysz here
:saluting_face: - Cor
:vulcan_salute: -CD
:saluting_face: -WT
:saluting_face: -Hs

can someone tag this guide rpg?



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don’t start that back up

Was there already one?
there was my bad


yes I am correting grammar, lol

sorreting → correcting
naur just naur
(not trying to be mean)


Quick random question, would a around 3-step mini guide get flagged for something (I want to make one)

I will just plainly ignore that.

There was, my bad
Notice the implied comma in coral’s

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Why? WolfTechnology

Yes, it is to short a mini guide needs at least 5 steps or points.