Barrier that can block players but not projectiles

I’m trying to make a dodgeball map in Gimkit Creative and I’ve ran into this problem. I have little experience with the creator so there might be a simple solution that I don’t know. Does anybody have a solution of an alternative to this?

Give me one second and I’ll show you a picture of how to. I’m sure there’s a way.

Okay, you need to set a zone near the barrier. Use wires to make it so that when a player enters the zone, the barrier turns on. Make sure the scope is to player so that the player can’t go through it, but other players can still shoot it. Wire it again so that the barrier deactivates when the player leaves the zone. The only problem is that the particular player won’t be able to shoot, but the rest will.

Also, welcome to the forum. I’ll get you pictures in a second.

Thank you I appreciate the help

First picture

Second picture
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@Nooby3684 did it work? If it did press the thing that looks like this:


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