Barrier on and off

I need one to be off and one to be on and than switch.

you can make it so on game start with a life cycle one of them turns off. Use wires for this.

Then, make it so when a barrier is hid, it goes to a trigger with a delay. After, make it so when that trigger is trigger it makes the second barrier hide. Then make it so when that barrier is hidden it shows the other barrier. Also make it so if the first barrier is hidden it shows the other one. Wire the second barrier to the trigger.

that was confusing…

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ok thanks you very much!

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I’m surprised you understand it lol (I was a bit confused myself lol)


Yeah but i think I got it all!

That’s good!

Now test it in game and see if it works, if so, then great! You now have a on and off barrier! :smiley:

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