Barrier Destroying

What device do you use to make a barrier’s energy to destroy it?

What do you mean by energy?

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wire(have to use this)

or even channels(still have to use this)

You mean health? You could probably just use a normal prop.

Do you mean the prop or device?
You need gadgets to damage props and players/sentries (if they are damageable)

You cannot destroy a barrier.

Well, you can turn damage on. Then players can shoot and destroy it in-game, if that’s what they meant.

I think he means the ones that cost 20 memory. (they’re yellow)

Oh, like that. Then, you could place that one over the prop barrier, change the device barrier transparency to 1 so you can’t see the prop one, move the prop barrier so it’s shootable but barely seeable, and wire the prop barrier to the device barrier so when the prop’s destroyed, the device is deactivated.

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just put < and > without the spaces to make text invis.