Barrier Decoration (Props)

I want to make prop barriers more interesting for the game, instead of making it just like a barrier from the prop place. I will explain which prop barrier I was talking about, since there are many.

Is it like a ruin place, if so you could add like vines.

The prop barrier is Dark Gray Stone Barrier Long.

What r u trying to make?

This game I am making has many mini games where you teleport to anywhere, so maybe I’ll add a ruin place.
You can pick a world to explore and there are many adventures for each world.


Soooooooooo what kind of help do u need?

Decorations to put on the Barrier. Just a barrier from the prop is a little bit boring, so what could I add on top of the barrier from the props.

Hmmm u said like there r different worlds am i right?

Yes, that is true.

I’m actually doing the main place though.

So if a world is like animals, maybe like 4 the pillars, put like make it a ruined, and maybe a monkey on top swing da vines?

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Okay, but also it is the main place though, the place where you can pick which world you want to go to.

Ooo maybe put it in outer space and the portals to each world!!!

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THAT SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT IDEA!! THANKS @Morepeko8 ! What should I put on there? Any more ideas?

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Hmmmmmm maybe have like pillars for the portals, and the pillars r decorated by every world, like if it was candy world, the pillar would be made outta chocolate!

Also… what are pillars?

XD so this is the portal, imagen a rectangle, the rectangle is the portal, around it r blocks wait let me show u what im talking about…wait

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Okay, no problem. I can wait. I will not be available at 10:20 but will be back at 10:30.

So… are you done making it yet @Morepeko8 ?

What do you need? (I might be able to help with it if its prop art)