Barrier Damage And Alternative Help

Is there no way to make a barrier (device) be able to take damage? If so, what’s a prop that can substitute as a barrier. (cellofive already said the cutting board and I like that) I need it to be able to be white, brown, and black (give RGB values for that). It also needs to be a square.


The prop I’m thinking of is the cutting board let me do some testing…
Red: 74
Green: 65
Blue: 42

Red: 0
Green: 0
Blue: 0


Thanks! Instead of white, is there another color that wool could be?


navy blue?

tan (like cargo shorts)?

Well wool can be gray (I live on a farm)
But I can’t find out a way to tint the cutting board gray and have it look gray

For reference, I’m making bedwars.

Ok, now we are talking…
red (200 R |0 G| 0 B|)
yellow (204 R |197 G| 0 B|)
blue (0 R |64 G| 255 B|)
green (0 R |194 G| 13 B|)
turquoise (0 R |255 G| 204 B|)
pink (212 R |0 G| 255 B|)
purple (112 R |0 G| 250 B|)
orange (250 R |146 G| 0 B|)
dark green ( 10 R | 87 G| B|)
goldish color (184 R | 144 G| B|)

Bro I also want RGB values for the cutting board.

here you go…,

Thanks, but it still doesn’t seem like wool… I could just add a barrier over it…

here you can use this to find the color