Barrier + Blastball Bug

When a barrier is inactive, it’s supposed to be possible to go through it right? well, i was shooting a blastball toward a spot where an inactive barrier was, and it was actively bouncing off it.

But my gim could go straight through it.

By the way people, i’m not marking one of your “email gimkit” solutions as a solution. The solution is a way around the bug, or gimkit resolving this bug in my opinion. so i’m gonna keep this open i guess.


I understand
then maybe you might have to remove the barrier

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that’s… weird. i made a set up and it worked normally. went through a non-active barrier and didn’t go through an active one.


the ball or your person? because my person functioned normally but my ball didn’t

Does a prop work instead?

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both. watch this poorly made gif:

yes! thank you!

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This Might be the cause of the new update Gimkit is working on (Platforming Update)


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