Ban Request for User @Dodge_Fox

Well I don’t even know which accounts are which I have like 6

I guess that’s reasonable.

this is a troll.
they want attention.
they wouldn’t know who the mods are.
they wouldn’t go on this site and actually write.
they wouldn’t know the password and email of the user.
everything here is a troll.

…huh. dang.

I don’t think it is. Dodge_Fox seems to be pretty gone now.

They prob just didn’t bother to change it.

I’m using my school email, but I only use the forums on my personal laptop. Is that wrong?

and, I agree. This is sus, he is probably just trying to get his account off of the forums before his school ACTUALLY notices.

Think about it. Stuart (FROM DESPICABLE ME!?) Draft High School would be smarter than to simply ban the account. Also, they would not bother to remove the PFP. One last thing.

:nerd: Erm, actually, it is written as “Unauthorized use of a school issued laptop.”
Come on, this is a principal if this is legit. They know how to spell.

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Oh God. I didn’t know this was even POSSIBLE.

o7 if this is real

The lack of proper capitalization makes me believe it’s not real, but that’s just my opinion.


the school would not know the name of the mod
the school couldn’t have find where to change the pfp, and if they did know where, why would they bother?

on a ban

for the user


of a school


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tbh even if this was real it’s still his fault because his (lego’s) parents already told him one time that he isnt allowed here [which probably implies that he’s underage]

well, if this is true, goodbye @Dodge_Fox

oh no, we lost dodge fox! :worried:

Sadness have come for this day

dodge fox was replying.
this is proof that this was a troll.