Ban Request for User @Dodge_Fox

One time I hit my laptop during blooket and I broke it and my account got deleted because “I was using a unauthorized school email.”
But idk. Ima check with dodge next time I see him.

This is bogus. The school can’t just ban her account unless she’s using a school email. These staff are such idi ots.

Will Stuart draft high school actually do that?

ಠ_ʖಠ so that means…
THAT’S. IT. LETS ALL PROTEST RAHHHH (this is obviously a joke if you couldn’t tell)

@Sythic, is she using a school email?

He is using a school email I believe. But im not sure. I gotta switch classes and after the next (boring) one I see dodge. So I will ask him what the deal is.

If she is, then ok then. That’s completely reasonable. She should be using her own email, not her school.

Should we flag?? guys??

Yeah. Because why not.

No. Don’t. Let this be a memorial.

ok guys make sure you guys flag

Also, doesn’t this count as doxxing Dodge_Fox?

Yo wait are you still at school-

Maybe @KrishnaVA. We should flag.

ima flag guys. ok>?

Ok I think I have the situation.
Apparently DodgeFox Was NOT using his school email.
But he made one of those google accounts on his school laptop and was that as his email, as well as using forums and stuff on his school account and all that.
And chatting online isnt allowed by the school.
Other than that idk whats happening. He is not sure either.
Although he said his parents may have been getting suspicious about why he spent so much time on here and they could have said something to the school.
Theres not much we can do :frowning:
Other than leave this alone and wait for a mod


It’s probably not even worth their time. It’s better to just leave it alone than to just panic and make assumptions.

If its real that is FRUSTRATING I make plenty of different accounts, Im using one right now!

Um… I’m pretty sure alternate accounts are banned by the FAQ

Wait, they are? Why is that?