Ball hitting Props

So the blast ball in my game is hitting invisible props that are invisible to the player. Please help.

So the ball itself is running into invisible props?
try turning off the invs props collision. that could work!

Really? That’s interesting. Give me second to test it out, that might just be an oversight.

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I don’t want the player to hit the props, aswell as I want the ball to be affected by the props that are made visible by the rng system (i shouldve mentioned that.) this would work though.

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Yeah, that’s been an issue since the ball came out.

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That might be an issue then. Invisible props hitting the blastball could be useful in an invisible maze!

On a slightly off topic note- are you all able to make props invisible at all? I can’t set them past 0.15.

There’s an option for it.


Im pretty sure you can but im not 100% sure…

Sometimes… I really question the devs choices. But anyway, back on topic.

Any ideas/workarounds? Worst case scenario, I wait until the next update for the devs to fix the blast balls T0T

thanks for the idea :D!