Ball Hitting Invisible Props

The Blast Ball in my game is colliding with invisible props. If there is any workaround, that’d be fine aswell.

Try having them disabled by default, but when the game starts, have them all be activated (remember to keep the scope on the props to global)

I’m trying to get the ball to go through the invisible props.

I know, but try what I recommended. Hitboxes are sometimes based on if they are enabled by default

They are already disabled by default, and one out of the 3 are being activated randomly through an RNG system.

Disabled the invis prop’s collision.

Can we see your RNG code?

If I disable the invis prop’s collision, how would I turn it on if it becomes visible? Also give me a moment to screenshot.

I tried the same rng system with barriers, but it did not work. I could try this though.

Try using barriers to mimic the hitboxes of the props. I know that projectiles will always follow the original collision of barriers, even if it is activated or deactivated. Maybe it’s the same with the ball

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Sorry, my post duplicated because of lag

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Still doesn’t work. This might be a bug.

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