Awsome DnD game im working on

It get’s a little messy when you fight the boss

i forgot about that. :rofl:

make everyone on the same team

i like the boss its like a shot gun because it spreds

That part was AMAZING! But why did you put 3 bosses?

It makes the game a LOT harder.

because one was to easy.

And if you can, try to find a way so you can’t grab the flag at the checkpoints

Makes sence

yea thats because we were it dif teams

questions: how and what is that star bubble thing?
and wuts DoD?

Set the spawn pad to make it so team 1 can spawn there only

The star is a checkpoint

It changes your spawn point

gimkit added new devices?

and its dnd not dod dnd means dungeons and dragons

Yeah, along with the 100+ props

ok i fixed the teams

So, I would recomend everyone to be on the same team and turn off kill notifictions too. But, great game! :+1:

The game is 10/10!

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