Awsome DnD game im working on

TWO or three floors

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oh i might try that. thx

And maybe make a hotel where you can get a temporary speed boost if you sleep there.

no the inn has coffee for speed boost

oh, cool mechanic though.

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ill share the code in this Gimkit codes (

if you want to play this


are you joining the game?

Sure, but I may have to leave soon.

ok thanks bro! ive been wanting to test it

Ok… The bosses are AMAZING.

And the dungeons are really well planed out

thanks but you mised part of the dungun

i was trying to show you

I still like how there are multlple paths through

I did see more then you think

there was a part to the left with lasers

I would recomend turning off kill notifications in the map settings tab

yea and team damage lol