Awsome DnD game im working on

This: < bhjbhjkbhjbhjbk > (but add no spaces)

Or just put letters in these: <>

:: like this



check out this guide: [Mark Solutions To Your Topics!] ((📢 PSA!) Mark Solutions To Your Topics!) @Edwards!

why did you show me this?

are you saying i should mark this one

Yes, and because you marked yourself as a solution, and I posted the wrong guide too.

I’ll send the right link


You could add a Library with a bunch of notes, papers, and books. Use Popup and zone, write a text like a note or something. Wire them together and set text so the player reads it. Make sure its all ontop of thr paper so it works like its supposed to.
Zone maximum small

ok good idea

I can’t find it. Oh well…

its ok what was it tho

A guide about when and why and how and to who to mark a solution


do you need help with any gimkit games

This is a preview of what I can remember

1: mark a solution when the post is solved

2: mark it so people know the help post is solved

3: click the solution button on the bottom right of the post

4: mark it on the post that helped the most. (probably not your post.)

That’s what I can remember from the guide

No, I don’t need any help right now.