Awsome DnD game im working on

this is the blacksmith where you can get damage upgrades

this is the boss

i hope you find this helpful for you maps! this took days
if you have any ideas plz tell me!

not full map


Wow! That looks nice!


thx so much! do you have any ideas

Maybe a crafter’s forge where you can craft weapons or items into new ones or a blacksmith that can make stronger weapons for you?


the black smith makes your weapons stronger the inn gives speed boost and the shop give you recourses for the black smith and inn like coffee beans for coffee = speed boost

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and wepons drop from sentres

Nice map!!!

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Thanks! it took a while

Maybe since you have those pillar there could be an upstairs where the boss or a suprise is it would be a teleporter that teleports them to the “upstairs” that is actually just another area out side but inside since we arent able to go up and down :slight_smile:

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Ok fine, you guys can flag the first post but the second one was perfectly fine. All I said was that we couldn’t figure anything out since he didn’t give any details. HOW IS THAT INAPPROPRIATE?!
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What? Did you guys want me to say something like: “Oh you’re map is good but I can’t figure it out without steps and tips”???. What I said was the exact same thing except I went straight to the point.

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Awesome map!!! Do you have a story line behind it?

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Wow! You put so much effort! Good job you should expand it little more.


Maybe the story behind it is like almost like the one way out game because in the images it had aliens from one way out.


Not yet but thats why its WIP

thats not my name bro

Nice idea! it could be a secret boss.

Add floors to the dungeons and maybe add a path that’s blocked and you have to blow it up. And add quests.(If you haven’t already)

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im working on the quest now thats why its wip

Ok, maybe add floors to the town/city buildings.

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Thay have a floor did you look at the town :man_facepalming: