AUO question (Blocks and channels)

Say I have a block that changes a property first, then broadcasts on “Done”. The property it changes broadcasts on the channel “Changed”. Does “Done” get priority, or does “Changed”?

Not sure if this counts as AUO, but it seems to be similar? I’m not sure, but I think that “Changed” would happen, then “Done”. But what if “Changed” causes a chain?

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Just make a counter, set it to subtract one on “Done” and add one on “Changed” then if the value is one, “Done” is triggered first. If it’s not one, “Changed” is. It’s impossible to know from your description becuase AUO prioritizes based off of what channel was made first. Easiest way to see is to test it yourself.


Wouldn’t they cancel each other out though? I’m pretty sure both channels will still be broadcasted

But yeah, I will try something

Think about it like this. Counter is at 0. Done subracts one so that value is still 0. Then Change adds one, so the final value is 1. If Change is triggered first, then 1 is added by Change and then immediately subrtracted by Done, making the value 0.

Can’t counters be negative?

Oh, my bad. Set it to reset on “Done,” not subtract. That should work like I originally meant it to.

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Ok, so I have tested it, and it seems that the blocks are finished before the property broadcasts the change, but I placed the blocks first. I might need to try it the other way around.

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As far as I know, AUO only works for when a channel or wire was first created, not blocks.

whatever you entered/made first will trigger first

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( I honestly have no idea…)

The signal edited last triggers first…

Yeah so I tested it, and it doesn’t seem to matter… Maybe it tries to finish the block chain first before starting a new chain with the property?

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