AUO Being Weird (Channels + Counters)

So I realized working on my project that if you have a counter increase AND decrease (when it’s set to update a property) when it receives on channel X, and the property it updates broadcasts on the channel Y, activating a trigger, then everything goes funky.

Anyway, was wondering if you knew @Blackhole927, because sometimes it ends with the decrease in the counter, and sometimes it ends with the increase, no matter what the edit order is.

Just a really weird interaction lol.

Wait, so is channel Y the funky channel? I would assume the counter’s value would always be zero after a frame, but the action that came first would vary based off of resolution AUO, or maybe it’s just RNG?

Oh yeah, it also appears to loop the trigger/property connected forever at times, even though there’s no limit set.


  • When Recieve on Z → Add 1
  • When Recieve on Z → Subtract 1
  • Update property Y

Property Y:

  • When property updates
    • Broadcast on Channel X


  • When I receive on X:
    • Do math operations
    • Display message based on result

Flickers back and forth alot, or ends with random result of the +1 or -1.

Maybe this is the proverbial channel cutting mechanism that shwdy was looking for.

I think it’s happening because you increase the property, thereby updating it once, and also decrease the property, thereby decreasing it again. Of course, if you mean that the counter randomly shows -1 and +1, I don’t know. To fix it if the counter shows the message, you need to make a target on the counter of 1 more than the default, increase the counter, and make the target decrease or reset the counter.

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Well I ended up realizing I could reset the value of the counter so it only updates once.
But anyway, let’s say the property O = C4 (using counters in a chess game to detect button presses).

It will flicker between B4, D4, C5, and C3, despite the fact it should only run twice max. Then it’ll randomly work correctly, so driving me insane lol.