(Art Help) Anyone know how to make a lighthouse?

I need help to make a lighthouse for a game I’m making, any ideas or guides for that? I couldn’t really find any.

Use a Circular and Rectangular barrier to make the lighthouse oval along with some metal poles and a Bicycle Rack (maybe?)


use metal poles layered ontop of each other but showing some of themselves to make the strips, then tint some red and alternat them , then place a circle table fliped unside down and add wooden poles from each of the tables legs, at the table and pole contraption on to the top metal pole, then add a empty plant tube and add a light prop of your choice, then add barriers to make a triangle roof and add barriers to make a door at the bottom.


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What i said is what i mean, you just need to layer it ontop of each item in order, then the tube goes behind the table and poles. and then the roof goes back infront. I would inclub photos, but its late and im on mobile. Sorry if that sounds rude…


Like this?:

metal poles as the tables, the table right where the fences are and add wooden poles from each table leg to the other. and add a door at the bottom of the tower, and the roof is just rectagles stacked.