Areas for Emberwall game

Ok so I’m making a game called Quest of Emberwall where there are two teams 1 team tryna kill the king of Emberwall (super cool boss fight) and the other trying to protect the king anyway I want some ideas for areas like I’m currently working on the market where you buy weapons so if you have any deas tell me and if you want to help build contact me on the Wix


Maybe add buyable barriers, sentries and landmines?


that would be off from the theme tho there is an unlockable sentry team for the boss fight if you discover the secret bunker and enter the passcode correctly


oh and is it okay if I don’t make a solution so more people can post replies for ideas and when I’m finished with the game ill mark a random comment a soulition

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Yeah, wait around ~a day or two before marking a solution so you can get more ideas.


you wanna see what I have so far because its looking pretty good I can post the thing gimkit does to play others games that it wont let me say here on wix


You can also try a massive wall-based obstacle thingy that the player must manuever or an alternative route where you go through a hard to navagate maze

There should be multiple ways in, like infiltration, all-out attack, and sneaking in.

I agree with Apollo infiltration should be a thing

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You could add a market?
guides that may help

specifically the medieval fair theme

since its ember-wall, u should prob add a wall of breakable props, which can be repaired/destroyed

its emberwall from dont look down Emberwall accent (u no summit 1)

Emberwall is about medieval things so maybe add a dragon made out of props and barriers? It could just be for decoration. Just an idea : )

your speaking to a dragon and the final boss (If your a assassin and not a knight) is the king

Maybe some secret passages?

“Emberwall” sounds so cool lol

For a landmine, you could make a circular zone that is connected to a respawn device. When a player enters a zone, every Gim that is located inside of the zone will be forced to respawn, which is similar to being knocked out.

This sounds like a fun map, let me know what it will be called! Also, an idea for an area is maybe a weapon smith to get weapons or upgrade weapons.

Maybe Josh will make knight sentries at some point, because that would go really well with the emberwall theme.

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