Are there any Un-written rules in this forum?

Title Explains Its Self

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Probably not… if so how do they expect us to follow them but I could be wrong.

Where are the written rules?

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It appears when you are logged out / new user

I’m just gonna use common sence

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yea common sense doi

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Common sense, but people will probably try and correct you if you’re ‘cluttering’ the forums. I find the whole ‘clutter’ concept a little dumb and restricting when it comes to ideas but whatever.

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I think that you should try not to clutter the forums and post ideas in the right sections of the forums.


I know, but people try and say that if more than a few people post guides on the same ideas, it’s clutter, basically saying that you can only post something if its an entirely original idea

That is not correct. They shouldn’t call that clutter.

I know, that’s what I’m saying.

Oh, okay. I understand.

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