Are the server down? Or just my wifi

Codes have not been workiing foor me and my friends it just says game not found on the bottom of the screen

Gimkit was down just a few hours or so ago, Jeff fixed it though.
Could just be ya wifi
Today has just been very…buggy
get it? (I’m dying from my own cringe)

Try refreshing, if that doesn’t work; you could check the gimkit status page…I dont have the link but I know its somewhere in the other bug topics


That is happening to me too

Gimkit’s been acting up today. Try refreshing and if that doesn’t work then idk.

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not exactly sure, i think its a regonal thing.

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they don’t work I have tried eberythig

omg this is going down too!

today, and last night gkc is being buggy and servers are slowly crashing, but earlier jeff did fix a lot of the problems, and if there is anymore, we just have to wait for them to fix it…

must be dem horrible storms expected here in the mw.

yeah if you are in the u.s, there is a big storm coming by, so that could be possibly affecting the severs, not sure lol

im ohioan, so it’s gonna slam hard on me.

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Probably the server, if it was your wifi you wouldn’t be able to create this post.

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Yeah, the game codes have been glitching out for me, almost none of them work, it’s very frustrating for test runs. And bluebird291, I am in U. S. so that could be why. Even when refreshed it doesn’t work.

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yeah gkc is being little buggy for me also here…

yea last night I wasn’t working that’s where it started from me

@Cellofive thanks for fixing that didn’t see :smiley:

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