Are the forums getting blocked on any type or sort of organizations for you guys or your friends on any sort of school or organization device?(Might be off topic)

One of my close friends @California_Love who was out in some sort of beach at California (cuz pfft he loves it and why not-) while I was minding my other business, he later on gets back to me and school and tells me that the forums got blocked on his computer…

So just to be sure has this occurred to others as well?
:frowning: Rip



I’m very lucky to be standing here, and replying right now.

Foxy also can’t get on because the forums were also blocked on her computer. (o7)

and that’s why California love hasn’t been here for a long time… o7 to both of them.


Oh that makes more sense on why its been quiet around here I remember those two as well one of you guys’ friends.


Other than that, that’s all I know to the extent of my knowledge if the forums got blocked for someone. It’s really hard to tell if it’s blocked for someone, like it’s almost impossible to tell unless they have another device. I wouldn’t have known California love was blocked from the forums if it wasn’t for this post.


Sorry for the bad news man

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No because my school haven’t block the gimkit forums


Also, since I would probably never talk to him again, tell him I said a early happy birthday, (even tho I’m a month early lol)

Anyways, I’m gonna go let this topic close, unless someone else has more contributions, then that would be nice.

@th3_ca1tsune doing here to prevent further replies, but even if I did get blocked, I still have another device and still will be decently active, but yeah.

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No!!! Not @Foxy and @California_Love! :sob:
*Starts humming another one bites the dust.*


Wow Depression


Like Txme, I am very fortunate to be replying here now. Even though we use gimkit, the admin would most likely want to block this when he sees how much I’m on. It’s sad, but all we can do is send o7’s and remember those who have been blocked. (@Txme_Lxss, I’ve still not left. Hanging in there till the end of the school year.) and also I would have my phone (what I’m on now) but not accessing gimkit.


I probably be less active when i on summer vacation


no thank you…

wouldn’t want to risk a virus on my computer. If I were you, I would edit it out before someone gets affected by it…

also tried first link, nothing happened. It said it wasn’t secure tho, so probably checks for virus

but I’m gonna go now.

wait the 1st link was wrong, my memory is garbage :moyai:

I think it would’ve been better if you just edited it out because edits don’t show if they were made in 5 minutes of a post’s creation… welp atleast the post will dissapear in a day [1]

  1. deleted posts dissapear in a day ↩︎

That looks cool wonder if it have mobile support

I used to be in California, but I am not sure if it is blocked over there

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