Are Counters really like this?

So, I’m trying to make a map that uses a timer system to start an event, but is it true that counters can only count to a maximum of ten?

No, they can go beyond ten

No, I’ve seen counters in the thousands before.

That’s weird, because every time I use them, they stop at ten. It’s okay though. I found a different way to do it.

Just mark a solution…
And everyone don’t reply

uhm can somebody give me an all the way speed overlay with like a 5 second delay

IDK I have no Idea I’ma beginner

why? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Why cant we reply to the comment

They user who posted the question got an answer so we don’t want to start a chat. It wasn’t necessary for him to say not to post but nothing was wrong with what he said

Counters can count to numbers above their target and can count to numbers below 0.

when you select yes on using a target number, it automatically picks 10, but you can choose to edit that number.