Arcade Game Ideas Help

I built an Arcade but I need games, small solo-player games. Any ideas?

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This is only a way to create the teleportation but not the actual game.

well you could make whack-a-sentry which would be awesome since i cant figure out how to build it or u could make a puzzle game say like color code or try and make hangman (which would be harder than most i have said) or try and make a team v team pac man in one of the games (switching to random teams once they press the button (you could ask @Shdwy how to make some of these he is an expert on things like these) and you could make target practice with a score count! and those are all the ideas i have and welcome back!!

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In one of my games I have a game where you have to run across a map and shoot sentries for points within a certain amount of time. You could also do a tile based dungeon crawler, a claw game, or something else.


Maybe you could do Tetris with the empty crates, and then change their tint to different colors, and wire them so one button will move it to the right, another to the left, etc.

Welcome back, @Soccer_King !

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Welcome @Soccer_King !

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@Shdwy , can you help me with my GimJam map? Its on the HELP tab. thanks