Anyway to make the creative world be a platformer?

Like the Don’t Look Down gamemode

I don’t believe so, at least not yet @BananaBoi345

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alright :smiley: thank you

not right now, but features of it will be added soon.

No problem @BananaBoi345 !

Yeah, there isn’t a way to jump yet, so I can’t wait for that to happen! But, yes, like @Vortex-Mist said, not yet!


You can replicate a platformer/2D game by using a lot of barriers as the limits for the floor and top, and barriers to jump on. For jumping, you can use Kyro’s concept:

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Do you think this will be added?

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Yes, like i said, it will be added soon.

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sorry to bring this up, but, when will the new devices be added? From this poll:

There isn’t a specific release date.

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