Anyone want to make a thumbnail for me? (read comment)

I won’t be leaving, cuz I figured out how to log into my school account on a different device

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what’re the details

we need details

whats the game about

what gims


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Just something similar to this to mark the anniversary of 1WO 3’s publication

make sure to add Update 7-ANNIVERSARY in a gold plaque


Alr I can try and make it

edit: nvm I can’t

it was a while ago, right?
didn’t they make a new gim polaris thing for it?

i meant 1WO 3 not 1WO

discovery hasn’t been out for a year.

Read above post, i won’t be able to do anything to it next year

Anyone else? Thumbnail?

Ill do a thumbnail… right

Anyone can do it
As long as you want to be credited for the thumbnail

Do you want to do the thumbnail?

Sure and how in the world did you know my name when I was not on the topic?

Take me about 2 hours got it?

Let me cook ok now I am starting Now!

Hi guys i do art so i am teaming up with @GimGamer1 to male it

Welcome @Orca to the forums

Woops, wrong user, sorry.
I meant to put @AwesomeGimMaker

Aw man can I still make it?

I’m almost done. Pls?