Anyone want to help with my game?

I’m working on a new game and I need some people to be guinea pigs so I can make sure that everything is working as intended, and to make sure that the way everything is set up will work and keep it fun.

In the game, you basically search around a science facility and search boxes, fruit baskets, and trash piles for items to craft gadgets, energy from food, and other things. The goal is to have as many knockouts as possible when the game ends.

delete the title immediatly you can be banned don’t share codes here

Go to the wix or discord for this

but if you need help make sure you ask if someone can help if anyone ask then explain what you need then give a link to another website like wix or padlet share it and get there help thats just my advice

@BrickbyeBrick , you’ve been here since November… maybe consider reading this:

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You can put the j0in code into another tab so that you and you can play. (you as the host and you in a different tab.)