Anyone know how to make this in specific?

Im gonna be building a house soon, and i want to make a pool, but I want to make it to where the person can jump off a diving board and make a splash, how would i do that?

give me a minute and ill show you…it involves animation


make the pool with a button action as jump

Add teleporters not visible in game and have teleporters lined in a arc where player teleported here-do wire pulse for a wire repeater set to 1 delay…keep doing it for as big an arc as you want… then have the last teleporter activate a text box set to not visible on game start…and the emoji is either a water one or dashing away…then after 2 secs it disappears through wire repeater.

quick build finish…it shoudl teelport player in a arc and when it lands a splash appears

super easy way, inter zone-open popup- that says “splash”
(but that is the lazy way)

Thank you, this works, but the button would be at the end of the bike rack.

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Okay, you can put the button to where you like! Make sure to mark a solution!


i know i realized after first picture its changed in last image.

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