Any way to make powers? Like if you buy something you get powers? I know I can add speed but any other ones?

Any other powers that I could use other than using items? Like blasters and medkits? I don’t want to use them, maybe like flying, or armor, like those kinds of things

damage and regeneration

give players tagging ability

You could make them have teleportation abilities to a random player or an important place in your map

but I made it so they could also buy weapons

True I could use that! Thanks for the idea!

well, make tagging very expensive

Yea but I also added weapons to buy

sure I will probably like 20000 cash lol

You could make it so it teleports everyone except them to a room that teleports them out after like 2 minutes

or make a random player go at 0.01 speed XD

No I was thinking like in battle, the person could click teleport, and then it traps the person they are battling in an area where the user could spawn in and defeat


try this guide it has all types of powers.

lol imagine, actually should I add that?

ok sure! Thanks for the gude!

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you could also set random players health to 1 suddenly, but It regenerates at a rate of like 10 health a second.

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yes but make it super expensive

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That or 2 times upgrade, like whatever item that player gets, gets times by 2. That would be worth having, but make it super expensive.

or give a random person like 9,999,999,999 bananas and have it’s max at 1 and have it drop so there is bananas everywhere!
just make sure bananas have no purpose.
Also can anyone help me on my waypoint trouble?

that would be like the troll ability.