Any way to get an item to broadcast a message?

Is there any way to get it so that I can broadcast a message or something remotely using an item or something I can give someone when a message is broadcasted?

Are you wanting an activity feed or a notification?

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No, theres not a way to get an item to broadcast a message, maybe you could make it so a sentry is one shot, and get a ko manger and set it to sentry, sentry destoryed ----> broadcast message (idk if this works, I’m to lazy to get on gimkit creative)

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Ok sure! Yes, it is possible!

You can use a checker and wire repeaters. Wire the wire repeaters to the checker. If check fails, and that’s all you need to click.

Add another wire repeaters so in total you have 2. Wire the wire repeaters together. Make one have a delay of 1 second.

Make the checker check if they have that item. I would do more than 0. If it passes, then make it transmit a channel. If it fails, make it transmit a channel too.

Next, place down a game overlay that’s a button. Make it not active on game start, and on player scope, both. Make it so it shows when receiving the passing channel from the checker, and hide it when it receives the failing channel.

Next, make it transmit a channel when the game overlay is clicked.

Ok, so now the channel is now transmitted. Next, link it to a notification, or popup. Then, add your message.

Hopefully this helps!

idk if they meant that, probably like a button on a item


So this part of the guide, make it so it gives an item to someone. You can use a relay to specify.

It’s very similar with a good UI.

When they have a item, the game overlay shows, giving a cooler effect, so it looks like a broadcast!

Can you clarify exactly what this would do?

and then, once the buttons pressed. it will trigger a broadcast! (cool beans)

Solve your problem…?

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kinda like that?

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