Any way to fetch a word inside a player's name -_-

so yeah I’ve tried with the new text blocks but idk how to use half of them because none of them are not number based and since there is no “contains [put text here]” block I’ve been torturing my soul to find a way to fetch a word inside a player’s name -_- ARGGHHHHHHHHHH

The occurrence of text in text block should work.

I tried that it rejected my text block when I put triggering players name in the first slot and a text block in the second only to find out it only accepted numbers in the options of dat block ;-;

Take a screenshot of what you have. Let’s see it.

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Use a property that tracks the individual players username.

Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 2.24.44 PM

Quick update

Realized that it didn’t work lol!
Here’s an updated version that should do better:

Now you can use the property with the occurrence of text in text block to find whatever you want.

(post deleted by author cuz it doesn’t work)

So actually, the "first occurrence is a number, so you will need the “get sub-string” from:
(the first occurrence to the [(the first occurrence) +(*the number of letters of the word you are getting -1)] and then if that is equal to (the word you want to get) then broadcast on the channel (blah blah blah)

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