Any way I can make a ball not respawn?

When I move the ball device into a ball capture zone with the ‘Don’t Respawn’ setting, nothing happens. I don’t want the ball to respawn though. Please help!

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Yes, the ball is supposed to die (<- lack of better word) and not return/spawn to it’s original location if the “Respawn Ball” setting is set to “No” and if you score the ball into a Ball Capture Zone.
If this is not whay you meant, can you please elaborate/clarify?
It could be a bug.


I know this, but I’m trying to say I don’t want it to respawn. Is there any workaround considering that?

Wire the capture zone to the ball

I think when it says “respawn ball,”
yes = respawn
no = don’t destroy
By respawn, it means destroy. It’s like a Tag Zone.

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