Any Tips or Ideas for my Final Boss Battle?

I’ll send a screenshot of the layers

Well I chose the QP because it matched, but if you want something fast I suggest the new Blaster~

  • Quantum Portal
  • Evil Eye
  • Blaster
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Which is the best?? These are the ones I plan to use.

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Okay, thanks @ShadowDragon44 !

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Okay, I’ll mark a solution, thanks everyone for the suggestions!!

Your welcome @Princess2216

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Have a nice day!!

Ooh! Nice!

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Thanks, and been wondering, can I call you Cali… xD

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Yesss! Or Love, if you want. What should I call you?

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Some people call me Shanow, or just Shadow so whatever you like~

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Alright, Shanow. :slight_smile:

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!!! Thanks for helping me!!

Once again… (just ignore this part!!)

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