Any tips on a GIMKIT creative thumbnail?

You mean thumbnail right?
Make the background more cartoony
Maybe add more Gims?

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thanks for the ideas @THEHACKER120

give it more detail!

fish bucket
maybe a penguin
add bird(s) flying
also a few clouds never hurt anyone

Lots more details and more little things that draw attention to the thumbnail

Here is another one I made:

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add the puffer gim in the thumbnail

That second one looks much better, but the gim on the right could use a blacker outline as well as the penguin. The fish bucket’s outline is white, so when making a thumbnail a really good tip I have is:
Mach the outlines of everything you draw. Whether you want no outline or bigger outlines. Just remember to make the outlines smaller as you go out of the front of the picture.

That game looks like one I’d wanna play though, nice.

thank you @Captain-Gim

ok @LumpyDump thanks

no problem i would mostly recommend some winter gims like


I think the choice of gims was good.

@LumpyDump thanks for the ideas of new gims. I added them:

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thank you @Captain-Gim

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