Any tips for making my map a little more visually-pleasing?


You can add some decorations such as potted plants and things like that.

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Put the walls on the map at different layers than the floor

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Add a few colorful props that still fit the theme. Right now it all feels very dark, maybe add different saturation levels and luminosity for contrast. I like the color palette though. Maybe use grid snap if you haven’t?

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  1. I don’t quite understand the Groundbreaking Plants
  2. For your stone bridges you could make them longer and make rails.
  3. If your map is in space, why not use terrain that relate to space.
  4. The marble signs are a nice touch, maybe change up the fonts a little bit.
  5. Maybe replace the blackboards with something else, maybe make it appear to be a hologram, you can use lasers that don’t damage to do that.
  6. Love the signs, maybe tint the Armour stand grey, and change the sign to metal, to make it look techier instead of earthy.

layers lots of layers more terrain vaiarity


Thank you so much!

I changed a bunch of layers and used a spaceship design to spruce up my map.

The hologram idea was really nice, and I managed to implement it into the game.

I changed out the armor stands for metal poles and changed the signs to metal, a long with the fonts.

Thanks, and good job. Hope you’re map turns out well!

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