Any other ideas i should add to my among us theme lobby? (does it at least look good?)

I suggest adding teleporters, just for fun. Because they work in the Pre-Game stage, they’re just little additions that may help brighten the mood.

Yes,it looks cool! Infinity/10

Anytime @OnlyOG! Looks amazing

Here is the lobby i made for the skeld map, you can copy it if you would like.

Wow, that looks actually pretty good!

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Maybe this can help with the lobby?

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oh boy! this looks pretty cool!

Why do you have a starting inventory device giving players slingshots?

1: Devices can’t trigger tasks in pre-game.

2: The starting inventory device applies for everyone, giving everybody that configured item.

3: Crewmates can get the weapon and kill each orher

You could also build off this guide by @WhereIsMyHat and put spawn pads in the Theater Chairs to make it look more like among us.

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