Any Ideas for The System Of my "Among Us" Map?

So I’ve created the Skeld from Among Us in Gimkit Creative but my one issue is how to work out the system and get it to be playable. I understand how to code and add stuff. Just what should I do? A while ago I was looking at the dev notes and saw the possibility of Team “Classes” So I was planning on waiting for those to be added, but heaven knows how long that’ll be. So Any Ideas??


you mean for multiple classes?

Do teams, I think classes are just teams but allow for more freedom like things only being able for a certain class (but I could be wrong)

I think he means like if your in let’s say spy you have access to teleporters but if your a solider you have a better weapon

Yes you can do that with teams; in many devices setting you can activate who this applies for like a teleporter and only team 1 or team 2 (the classes) can go through or only this team can press a button

i think he wants people on the same team but with classes

Classes have not been added yet so I’m talking about teams as a replacment

so make classes. you make lobbies for each team and there are buttons you can press to choose which class you want to be in.

If you’re looking to setup the teams for imposter and crewmate, this might help you:

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Im not trying to be rude but how many guides do you have, like every post you have a guide you made, that’s crazy!

I like gimkit, and I know a lot about it, so I make guides for frequently asked questions. Because just about everyone wants to make among us, I can save time by making among us guides and linking them.