Any ideas for Main Quests?

I’m making an underground town game and I have completed only one main quest:
Screenshot 2024-03-03 2.53.22 PM
you’re not seeing the whole thing yet…

And I need help making quests for these gims:

Screenshot 2024-03-03 2.54.49 PM

Screenshot 2024-03-03 2.55.23 PM

Screenshot 2024-03-03 2.56.14 PM

Screenshot 2024-03-03 2.57.09 PM

Help? The game is called hidden haven if you want to play it, the game hasn’t come out yet.

You could do a quest called unblock the mines, where you have to find acids and other types to dissolve debris in the way of the mines. After doing so, you can mine all sorts of stuff and craft really good weapons in the mines. If you want to make it a main quest, you can add something in the mining loot table like a key or a template to craft something larger.

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well for the mafia looking guy maybe get a job to go and take someone out (and a twist if you do it ruins one of the quest because murder is bad :), ) for the ninja looking guy he asks that you buy him the latest gpu (a golden key card) so he can make better videos for his fans, and finally everyones favorite mecanich fishing which is very self explanitory fish fish sell fish make money get a good job and repeat (an infinte quest but not a fun one to grind) and the bar tender they will ask for you to bring some seeds/fruit to because they ran out of items

Witch Quest:Make A Potion

Maybe the pirate could ask you to find his treasure, as he’s forgot where he put it.

Maybe he lost it in the lake, so you need to fish for it…

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For the ninja the power ran out
For the witch she has to gather ingredients to turn her enemies into frogs
For the pirate he’s looking for treasure
For the Stache he finds a missing diary of a famous missing person

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Maybe you can help the banana gim fish for fish, and that he gives you a blue key card or something that can be used to access a area. You might wanna add more then just fishing, like a water boss, or a swimming adventure.

Master Oogway is here in the gimkit forums11/!!?1

Since the Ninga is near some of the game consoles, maybe a quest to find pieces to fix them? For the Witch, I do agree with some other people’s ideas for gathering ingredients. For the Pirite, maybe help him fish and he needs a set amount? For the first one, maybe he lost a key to somewhere and you have to find it? These are just a few ideas though.

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Maybe a chain of locations and times, where you travel through portals to time-travel and stuff. You fight different bosses for different GimPeriods.

yes the wise turtle is in the forums (my gimkit name is Halfhourproductions)

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Make a laundromat, and you can find valueable items in the old clothes

For which main quest?

i think there adding but there are lots of great quest now i have to play the game when it comes out

thanks for the ideas! I’m thinking of using the stache one.

mustache guy: cook a meal for him (lol he’s lazy)
Samari guy: idk
pirate: find his lost ship or help him get some fish
wich: find ingredients for her potion

edit: sry If these are alrdy taken, i didn’t rd the replies