Any ideas for complex guides?

I love making guides on Gimkit, but I don’t know what to post anymore. If you want help with a feature in your game or if you want to see something made that hasn’t been made, I’ll do it!

Thanks for your help,
Joe The Chicken :chicken:


I kinda need a verbal explanation for a post I made…

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you should make a how to make the actual map for among us because its like the 1 thing missing from the guide

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Make a guide on how to leave a like on my guides (no just kidding, but if possible yes) Make a guide on how to make all 1010 pokemon!

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Pick me, pls pick me!

I think I can do that

Thanks so much. If it wasn’t obvious I’m not good with words

Can you make a guide on how to generate >128 random items at the start of the game? This needs to be a number (preferably any number above 128) that can possibly create… new stuff.

Maybe introduce pseudo-properties? Here’s the link:

A complex guide?

The graphing calculator guide… a full tutorial on that would be cool

Maybe explain cs concepts like binary and bitwise operations?

I’ve watched through the video and I really like the idea, but I have some changes I think could be made. Do you think I could do that? I’ll still credit your original post.

Well I don’t really know how to do that. Is it using barriers to make a screen?

Life-scale props, like the statue of Libery

That’s one approach, yes.

How do you index a string?

Use the other help post.

Yes, it’s fine.

Wondering if anyone else has any cool ideas?