Any Ideas for a minigame map?

So I’m Making this map called “MARX’S Minigame Central!” and I Need some help with mini games and how I should make them.

Screen shots of the “Central Hub”:

So, Any ideas???

make a box moving puzzle
like where u move a box and make it get on a button
then the button lets u pass

How would I make that? Just curious.

Lemme figure it out

Add something like a corn maze.

I could do that. I’m also thinking of making a quest master part, in a part up north.

Ok so get sum zones
Screenshot 2024-04-16 12.18.25 PM
then get a cardboard box prop and then-
WAIT this is supposed to be an idea
I’m not supposed to tell u
so you basically gotta figure out how to make it seem like you are moving the box into different places, and it’ll be on a grid
then a pseudo button that you can walk over
I’ma be busy for a little while
il figure it out