Any Ideas for a game using the new don't look down creative things?

I’m too poor to buy the season pass so any ideas that I use will have to wait till I can use it.

Any Ideas are aloud

Well, why not a game where you parkour, but that’s to unoriginal.
Is there a blastball? Why not use that?

you can make a battle capture the flag… that’s what I’m making right now

I thought there were not flags. But are there blastballs?

I mean my ideas is a whole new one

Guys guys thats too many ideas.

We need to make the players even MORE challanged.

Are you gonna say something???

you can make runner type games you can make dungeon crawlers like OWO as long as it is apropiate you’re fine you could make DLD you could make parkour

my best idea is honestly play some gd platformers, theres some really good ones you can take inspiration frim

Sorry i haven’t been on forums for a while cuz I don’t do much here but cool ideas.

There are no blastballs, you might have figured that out by now though.

Make a dig it up type thing