Any ideas for a fire dungeon kinda map?

I was thinking you would spawn inside the dungeon and have to make your way through while defeating sentries a long the way and ultimately defeat the boss and get out.

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wip is for guides btw, so can you take that off?

Add some lasers here and there that turn on and off. Some slow and speed zones would be cool, too.


how I remove? …

Press the pencil icon near the title.

oh maybe add parkour into it to

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and since it seems like volcano add lazers on from for the lava

ok, also I’ll try your suggestion

ehh not really volcano I guess It would be kinda like the underworld thing in minecraft

Maybe you could have rooms off to the side with weapons in them, to help you fight the sentries, but they could be hidden and/or protected. Maybe you could make supercharged ones, too…

ok, just a question how would I “Supercharge” them? Make em legendary?

ok thanks …//…,…