Any Ideas for a Dungeon Map?

I want to make a Dungeon Map and I need ideas.
Best idea will go in and the idea giver’s name will be used in the map.

whats the theme of the dungeon map?

I want it to be kinda medieval.
Also… have you played any of my maps? Just asking.

no sorry, i don’t think i have, unfortunately.
and as for some medieval decoration, add cobwebs and cracks in walls (can be done with barriers).
you could also make a skeleton with a knight’s helmet on or something, might be a cool little decoration to add.

Welcome to the forums @notadam17! Maybe add lore, easter eggs, and a quest board! (Wow, that sounds like i’m a robot.)

It does but those are both good ideas. It’s good to finally have an GC account.
Have u played any of my maps?

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Maybe use this brick sort-of thing I made. Metal poles tinted black:
Screenshot 2024-03-31 1.48.52 PM

(I don’t know your maps, but advertising isn’t allowed, so don’t advertise.)

Okee dokee sry
Like the brick design tho

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Welcome to the forums @notadam17 ! I would suggest making a game where you have to escape from a dungeon. But I would add lore and other secrets too. And don’t forget to decorate!

Okay I like that,
You people are making all 3 of my brain cells work really hard here.


Just trying to help! :slight_smile:

Thank you, Mr Sus_the_Hamster

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Welcome to the forums @notadam17

Thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile: It’s nice 2b here.


The other ideas here are great but you also need a idea of what to do in the dungeon.

I wanna use a bunch of Ozi - Sentrys as zombies, and also using wooden crates for loot.

So kinda like one way out or you try to go in and defeat some boss or?

Both. I want to have a Boss and if you defeat him you get to finish the dungeon.
I’m trying to come up with smth unique tho.

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Maybe different rooms in the dungeon like a library with different books u can open with lore or tips to help. Also maybe when you come so so far you get a checkpoint with maybe a merchant to sell you stuff like weapons or medkits or something.


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